Je Suis Non Charlie


I am not Charlie

Because I do not use freedom of speech to attack the powerless

Because to do so is not brave, it is arrogance seduced by cowardice

I am not Charlie

Because Charlie is a hypocrite and he serves the powers of a land

That still drips with colonial blood of Africans and Arabs on its hands

I am not Charlie

Because Charlie marches with the world’s tyrants arm in arm

And receives state funding to provoke the vulnerable into causing harm

I am not Charlie

Because you can’t defend freedom but support women’s modesty being banned

Because he is whipping up hysteria to support war in another land

I am not Charlie

Because Charlie is using our sympathy to justify discrimination

And fooling us all into supporting intolerant desecration

I am not Charlie

Hopefully I never will be, and you will realise you are not either

Or we will all end up as flies on the web- spun by Big Brother’s spider.

Hamish Kamoshi © 2015



Don’t Be A Plug Puller

Plug me in to you

I’m losing my inspiration

I need an energy transfusion

Yours flowing into me

All you need to do is smile

And say hello

And I’ll be flying again.

Hamish Kamoshi © 2015

Giving Up

I can’t cope with the fact I can’t cope

can’t feel the numbness I can’t feel

can’t hide the pain I can’ t hide


 I hope one day I’ll have hope.

 I’m holding on to barbed wire

to stop the razors of resentment

from cutting, bleeding me dry;

banging my head against a wall

to prevent my skull from fracturing,

jumping off a cliff to stop myself

taking my own life.

Sorrows never drown

because Memory is too fucking good at resuscitation.

I dig myself a hole

because I’m split in half

one way up, one way down

in-between a smile and frown

nothing to verb, just a hollow noun.

Burning my flesh to keep from feeling

that incinerating chill

crawling within my cells 

sucking out my will.

Still I stand on a rotating circle,

 always at square none,

giving up always,

always getting started never.

At the end of the old rope’s last thread

I’ve given up on everything,

even giving up itself.

There is, then, nothing left to do

but try one more time.

Hamish Kamoshi © 2014