Justice In Progress


Shut down the markets, nationalise the banks

Light up the darkness, end capitalist pranks

Blindfold the bankers, make ‘em walk planks

For too long we’ve been dead fish in their tanks


Pig heads on monkey bodies, pissing blood on the poor

Build their castles in the sky and our graves in the sewer

March to the door of power, camp day and night

And with the ink of revolution a new constitution write:

                       No more bombs and no more wars to which to send ‘em

For every new law a digital referendum

Basic income for all guaranteed

All debt liquidated, all political prisoners freed

No more fossil fuel, renewables instead

No more corporations giving MPs financial head

No more five years terms, no more squeezes on salary

And the total abolition of the Royal Family

Hamish Kamoshi © 2014


How without the H

An old hag rendered seductively beautiful with cosmetic surgery

giving you a blowjob…

but forgetting to take out her false teeth.


You are left erupting the word HOW without the H for a good few days!

Hamish Kamoshi © 2014


Say No To Economically Modified Art

No artist bankers

No artist management consultants

no artist frackers

More Artist Taxi Drivers

More artist youth workers

More artist nurses

More artist cleaners

Row calm on the waves of your insomnia

and paint the picture the stars stay lit 

for your inner eye to see

and each thunderous vibration of every gentle

brush stroke

we the masses will feel

guiding us

into each other’s embrace.

Hamish Kamoshi © 2014

Giving Up

I can’t cope with the fact I can’t cope

can’t feel the numbness I can’t feel

can’t hide the pain I can’ t hide


 I hope one day I’ll have hope.

 I’m holding on to barbed wire

to stop the razors of resentment

from cutting, bleeding me dry;

banging my head against a wall

to prevent my skull from fracturing,

jumping off a cliff to stop myself

taking my own life.

Sorrows never drown

because Memory is too fucking good at resuscitation.

I dig myself a hole

because I’m split in half

one way up, one way down

in-between a smile and frown

nothing to verb, just a hollow noun.

Burning my flesh to keep from feeling

that incinerating chill

crawling within my cells 

sucking out my will.

Still I stand on a rotating circle,

 always at square none,

giving up always,

always getting started never.

At the end of the old rope’s last thread

I’ve given up on everything,

even giving up itself.

There is, then, nothing left to do

but try one more time.

Hamish Kamoshi © 2014

A Piece of a Peace of Mind

Any chance I can find a piece of a peace of mind

by entering inside of yours?

Will a smile let me in, let’s start a conversation

take me deep, not just around your contours

I’m talking to me, but I’m not listening

too busy eavesdropping on the chatter of the glistening

well to do ones who seem to have it all figured

 by every word they say my insecurities are triggered

Any chance I can find a piece of a peace of mind?

If I dig inside with thoughts of wisdom?

If I unplug myself from the system?

If I look below, if I look behind?

Might I find a piece of a peace of mind?

All I ask is for a quarter, I’d even take a third

of that serenity you see in the gliding birds

A piece of peace-just one wing of a dove

even just one feather will keep my faith in Love

A piece of peace; appease my patience before it peters out

A piece of peace: I ask with peace, please-don’t make me shout

Hamish Kamoshi © 2014

(Previously published as Sulphur Petals)