Propagandist Chauffeurs

Not much time left to prevent your mind’s theft

smash and grab out there, it’s a crime fest

like strong winds they want to hurry Kane

to slay his own brother so the money’s gained

anaesthetic in the air they are numbing brains

taking food off the table only crumbs remain

with rich man’s greed every slum is stained

find a scapegoat, who do you wanna blame?

the sick and disabled and the immigrants?

politicians making criminals out of innocents

stealing with prosthetic hands, avoiding fingerprints

we’ve lost sight of truth cos we’re in the midst

of propagandist chauffeurs, driving us to nightmares

shutting schools down, opening Starbucks there

caffeine overload; no sleep so no dreams

of a future where every child sings instead of screams

Hamish Kamoshi © 2014


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